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Let's Talk About CBT

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: what it is, what it's not and how it can be useful.


May 26, 2020

How does doing more of what matters help teenagers with low mood and depression? And what can we all learn from this, particularly at the moment? Prof Shirley Reynolds speaks to Dr Lucy Maddox.


Show Notes

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Shirley has written two books about...

May 7, 2020

We're all living through uncertain times at the moment. What does research from CBT tell us about what tends to help people tolerate uncertainty? Dr Lucy Maddox interviews Professor Mark Freeston about what might help.


Show notes

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For Mark's research survey follow this...

Mar 29, 2020

Note: This episode was recorded before government guidance on restricting travel due to coronavirus.

We all experience ups and downs in mood, but what happens when the highs are so high and the lows are so low that it really interferes with your life? In this episode we hear from Cate Catmore and Professor Steven Jones...

Feb 27, 2020

Photo by leanncaptures on UnsplashImagine being asked to give up the most effective strategy you have for coping with stressful situations... this is often what it can feel like to people trying to give up self-harm. 

In this episode, Dr Lucy Maddox talks to Jane, who first used self-harm when she was 14, and Dr Lucy Taylor, who works with young people...

Jan 31, 2020

Photo by Jonathan Hoxmark on UnsplashStriving for achievement has got to be a good thing, right? But what if it starts to get in the way of our happiness? What if the standards we hold ourselves to are unattainable or unrealistic? What if we feel like we'll never measure up? 

In this episode, Sam and Professor Roz Shafran speak to Dr Lucy Maddox about CBT...